After the ban: We only offer 1 size of shitty paper bag with no

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7a replica bags The town grocery store before the ban (already the most expensive grocery store I ever been to): We will bag your purchased goods in plastic, or paper bags if you would like which come in two sizes. You can also purchase some of our reusable bags.After the ban: We only offer 1 size of shitty paper bag with no handles, and it 5 cents per bag, bitches. With a sign out front that literally says «The store will now be charging for paper bags in order to protect the environment»Obviously Handbags Replica I get the whole reducing waste thing but man it annoying spending over $100 somewhere and if you want your stuff bagged (in cheap shitty paper bags, not even nice ones!) they like «uh SIR that will be another 60 cents PLEASE, we totally didn cover the cost of a few cheap paper bags with the extremely overpriced groceries». 7a replica bags

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