Mr Warcup said in a statement: «Action has already been taken

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wholesale jerseys from china Mr Le Marquand said he was «seriously concerned» about the files, known about by a «very small number of officers».Mr Le Marquand told the States that he had been told about the files by the solicitor general in April and Acting Chief Officer David Warcup had now confirmed their existence.Each file contains a photograph wholesale jerseys, a criminal record search and information from local and UK police intelligence.He said the files had not been retained under «standard arrangements».He said: «Indeed, there are papers within the files which would suggest that efforts have been made to ensure that this information was maintained outside the normal protocols.»He said that a «very small number» of senior officers knew about the files which were kept securely in the force’s Special Branch office.He said: «I am not aware of the motivation for the setting up and retention of these files but am very seriously concerned about their existence.»Mr Warcup has offered to meet all members personally to discuss the contents of the files. But information «which cannot be properly disclosed outside of the police intelligence community» would not be revealed.Mr Warcup said in a statement: «Action has already been taken to instigate a review to look at the retention of information within the States of Jersey Police.»When the review is complete cheap jerseys from china, I will then determine what if any action needs to be taken. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. wholesale jerseys from china

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