Beto is unique but probably doesn have the national

She a former Harvard Law professor, and is the clear choice for sound liberal policy.zephixleer 0 points submitted 16 days agoMy problem so far: Elizabeth Warren is focusing on splitting up companies when really there are just other fish to fry during this election. Sanders has it right in that he still focused on healthcare and education. Beto is unique but probably doesn have the national recognition to push him over the top against Trump, or the experience.We really need to see Beto remove himself from the election and jump back in as VP for Sanders.

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I didn’t find it that difficult! Probably the hardest part was getting the colors right. It just takes a lot of time to mix in and you use A TON more food dye than you’d expect. Also, my dough was pretty tough to work with so I did a lot of it by rolling it out thin with a rolling pin, adding dye, folding it up and repeating.

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5 points submitted 1 day agoWould you consider the possibility that these intricacies and technicalities of the canada goose store wording of the Canada Goose online law denied justice rather than enabled it? That you don need to know the exact details of the law here to know something obviously went wrong, that something is wrong about how the applicable law is worded. A law degree in this situation might enable someone to pin down the exact nature of the failure of justice, but no one needs a law degree to know what happened here is not justice. 5 points submitted 2 days agoYou are assuming his tax returns disclose financial entanglements.

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