Averda Vlakfontein operations manager Fanie Pieterse explains

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replica bags wholesale india The site has a 30 year life span.Mahoney explains that leachate in the dam will be treated at a purification plant, which will be constructed once there is sufficient leachate, to remove any hazardous material. Once treated, the leachate will be of sewage discharge quality.Mahoney adds that, by capturing leachate in tanks and pumping it to the dam, Vlakfontein can also prevent the leachate from contaminating rainwater captured on site. This allows for the rainwater to cheap replica handbags be used for other applications, such as dust suppression.Companies disposing of waste are required to classify the waste streams in accordance with SANS 10234 before disposal, in compliance with the requirements of the Waste Classification and Management regulations.SANS 10234 complies with the Globally Harmonized System, the international standards for chemicals classification and labelling.Once a waste stream has been classified, a certificate is issued stating that it is safe for disposal at a hazardous waste to landfill site.Averda technical manager Neville Chetty explains that the classification and assessment processes enable landfill sites to determine the inherent hazards of the waste, such as the flammability or toxicity of the material, and the risks associated with the disposal of the waste to landfill.When the waste arrives at the landfill, it is verified to ensure that there are no deviations in its composition Vlakfontein has its own laboratory facilities on site and can provide verification within 15 minutes.Following verification, the waste is taken to the cell for treatment and disposal.Averda MD Johan van den Berg adds that the company can provide classification services for companies looking to dump waste at Vlakfontein with the baseline analyses facilitated through a third party laboratory.Averda Vlakfontein operations manager Fanie Pieterse explains that, for the landfill to be able to accept hazardous waste, a waste barrier of at least 3 m high is necessary to ensure that the material does not reach the barrier.The barrier is designed with a leak detection system, which captures leachate in the area should a leak occur, providing Replica Bags Wholesale a visual cue of the leak, as well as information on where repair work to the liner needs to be done.With about 7 000 km of barrier lining, this is particularly important, as detecting the location of a leak allows for cost effective maintenance, rather than having to replace the entire liner.Vlakfontein received its first hazardous waste stream asbestos in August replica bags wholesale india.

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